Thursday, August 22, 2019


Hello, Lovelies,
Welcome to my blog.  Just a little introduction just in case you don't know who I am.  My name is Amanda Penn also known as Amanda K. Dudley-Penn depending on where you've read my books.  I will be switching that name to simply Amanda Penn for everyone soon.
I have restarted this blog because I've changed paths with the way my writing is going.  I am a self-published author and I will continue to be a self-published author because I do want to see all my books in paperback eventually but I found Wattpad and I love it.  I enjoy the interaction.  The way they have it set up is wonderful and it also helps creatives be...Well...creative.  Since I started writing on Wattpad in January, I have written five books and reworked a previously published book. Using that as an example, my creativity is thriving there.
With that thrive, I do have some awesome readers.  They are actually the most wonderful readers in the whole universe and no one can convince me otherwise.  I do get questions from my readers and this blog will allow me to answer those much easier.  Many of them are the same questions that others want to know.  Also, I've been asked for advice and this platform allows me to do that.  Please be patient.  I will be making series pages for each of my series to keep you informed of what's going on with them.  This main page will be for questions answered, advice and book recommendations.  That's right...If I like a book I will tell you about it.  Also, I'm an eclectic when it comes to music, books and everything in between.  Blame it on me being a Gemini.  So, I will be telling you about those things too.
I do hope that this helps someone.  I definitely hope it makes me closer to my readers.  Honestly, I see many of my readers as my friends.  I will try to update this blog a few times a week.  I will let you know when I do.
-XXX Amanda

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