Saturday, September 14, 2019

My Future in Writing

Hello, Lovelies,

The first question I'm usually asked by my readers is about my writing schedule.  I will do a blogpost on it I promise.  The second most asked question is usually:  Do you have other ideas for books in the future?  The answer is a resounding yes.  I just have to finish the current series and open up some spots in my schedule to begin releasing them.  So, I thought I would do a blogpost giving you a short announcement of what is coming. 
I do have a dragon shifter romance.  No, it is not connected to The Silver Grove Academy Series.  So, please don't expect Gabe or Aidan in these books.  However, do expect hot dragon shifters and strong females. 
The second series will be a dark vampire series.  This is also not connected to any of my existing series.  It will be much darker than The White Rose Vampire Series.
The third series will be a high school romance series.  It will still be mature and will have some dark themes.
The fourth series will be an M.C. romance.  I grew up around bikers and I'm also married to one, so it was going to happen. 
The fifth series is a fantasy romance based around banshees.  I have always been interested in mythology and the paranormal and banshees are definitely something I have always been interested in. 
The sixth series is a dark romance.  I have two dark romances and I really love writing them so I will probably not be stepping away from this genre. 
The seventh series is my Roses and Blood Series.  I've re-working my old books from Amazon on Wattpad and I didn't finish this series.  I want to re-work the first two books and release the rest on Wattpad.
I will announce them as I am getting ready to release them.  Thank you all for being supportive.  You are all truly wonderful.
-XXX Amanda

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Read...Read...Read and Then, Read More

I still remember the first chapter book I ever read...Alice in Wonderland.  It opened a world of magic for me.  When I was in the seventh grade, a wonderful teacher taught me what it was like to write my stories and actually encouraged me because quote, "I want to see your books on my shelves one day."  Another bit of advice she gave her whole class was, "If you are going to write, you must read."  I want to focus on that last statement. 
If you want to write, you must read.  There are so many reasons why this advice was the best advice I have ever gotten.  The very first reason is it actually sparks your imagination.  My mother was big on sparking our imagination.  When we were little we were required to read a book a week but not only that she made us go outside and play.  We all had big imaginations but I'm the one who asked the most questions.  She didn't let people stop me.  Anyway, books were a big source of imagination because I would ask what if questions.  My book Burned is a perfect example of this.  We were reading Bram Stoker's Dracula in English and in History we were learning about the Salem witch trials.  Because people seemed to hunt them the same way my what if question was...What if vampires and witches were bound together?  Would those fanatics have still been able to burn them? 
This is how every one of my books start...With a question.  Writing the story gives the answer.
The next reason you should read is because you gain vocabulary.  There were so many times I looked up a word to find out what it meant but now, they are part of my writing.  Learning that vocabulary gives me different ways to describe objects and people and so many other things.  It keeps me from being repetitive because I know different words that mean the same exact thing.  Also, it helps me learn grammar.  I am far from an expert.  I'm still learning.  Still, I've come a long way. 
The last reason I'm going to give you to read is simple.  If you want to be a writer, you must study your craft.  That means you should read all types of writing.  You would be surprised how much reading will craft your own writing voice and style.  If you continue to read, it will constantly evolve and believe me when I say you want that evolution. 
So, make time every day to read.  Read anything that strikes your fancy.  Open that book and feel the magic and let it spark your creativity and then, pick up your pen or open that word document and create your own story...Your own magic.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Bullied by Vera Hollins

Hello, Lovelies,
One of the very first friends I made on Wattpad was Vera.  I contacted her because her Bullied Series means so much to me as it does so many other people.  I grew up with a father who was very much like Hayden.  Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore.  Still, her books helped me heal and I believe they will help others.  She is one of the kindest and sweetest people I have ever spoken to and I can only hope I've helped her as much as she has helped me. 
So, I'm going to get to the real reason for this post...Her paperback is coming out tomorrow!  Tomorrow is her release day!  As someone who self-publishes also, I know how important this day is for her.  Everyone try to make this a great day for her!  Congratulations, Vera!  you deserve this so much!  I am so proud of you!  The links are below for anyone who wants to check them out.  Do it!  You know you want to. 
-XXXX Amanda

Bullied on Amazon

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Write What You Know...Learn What You Don't

I am asked a lot of questions about writing as most authors are.  I am in no way the most knowledgable person about anything but I do try to help people by telling them what has helped me.  One of the questions I get the most is probably the same that most authors get.  What advice would you give new writers?  There are so many answers to that question but my most given answer is write what you know...Learn what you don't.  
As writer's we are also observers.  We learn something every day whether that is a different way to describe a blade of grass or an emotion or even how a job is done.  We often learn these things without even realizing it until we use it in a story.  So, what happens when we want to write a story that has something we aren't knowledgeable about in it?  Well, the obvious answer is we learn about it.
Sadly, the reason I'm writing this is I've witnessed people have a great story idea and they decide not to write it because there is something they don't know much about in it or they change it and there is plot hole or it isn't as rich as what they originally wanted to write. 
Most of the time, I have witnessed this happen with new writers.  I know it's terrifying putting something you don't know about in a book and I don't recommend that but I do want you to know you are teachable and you can learn about anything.  Study what you don't know.  Learn about it and eventually, you will be able to write about it with confidence.  Don't shy away from it just because you don't know about it right now.  Be curious, learn it and then, write it.

Thursday, August 22, 2019


Hello, Lovelies,
Welcome to my blog.  Just a little introduction just in case you don't know who I am.  My name is Amanda Penn also known as Amanda K. Dudley-Penn depending on where you've read my books.  I will be switching that name to simply Amanda Penn for everyone soon.
I have restarted this blog because I've changed paths with the way my writing is going.  I am a self-published author and I will continue to be a self-published author because I do want to see all my books in paperback eventually but I found Wattpad and I love it.  I enjoy the interaction.  The way they have it set up is wonderful and it also helps creatives be...Well...creative.  Since I started writing on Wattpad in January, I have written five books and reworked a previously published book. Using that as an example, my creativity is thriving there.
With that thrive, I do have some awesome readers.  They are actually the most wonderful readers in the whole universe and no one can convince me otherwise.  I do get questions from my readers and this blog will allow me to answer those much easier.  Many of them are the same questions that others want to know.  Also, I've been asked for advice and this platform allows me to do that.  Please be patient.  I will be making series pages for each of my series to keep you informed of what's going on with them.  This main page will be for questions answered, advice and book recommendations.  That's right...If I like a book I will tell you about it.  Also, I'm an eclectic when it comes to music, books and everything in between.  Blame it on me being a Gemini.  So, I will be telling you about those things too.
I do hope that this helps someone.  I definitely hope it makes me closer to my readers.  Honestly, I see many of my readers as my friends.  I will try to update this blog a few times a week.  I will let you know when I do.
-XXX Amanda