Saturday, September 14, 2019

My Future in Writing

Hello, Lovelies,

The first question I'm usually asked by my readers is about my writing schedule.  I will do a blogpost on it I promise.  The second most asked question is usually:  Do you have other ideas for books in the future?  The answer is a resounding yes.  I just have to finish the current series and open up some spots in my schedule to begin releasing them.  So, I thought I would do a blogpost giving you a short announcement of what is coming. 
I do have a dragon shifter romance.  No, it is not connected to The Silver Grove Academy Series.  So, please don't expect Gabe or Aidan in these books.  However, do expect hot dragon shifters and strong females. 
The second series will be a dark vampire series.  This is also not connected to any of my existing series.  It will be much darker than The White Rose Vampire Series.
The third series will be a high school romance series.  It will still be mature and will have some dark themes.
The fourth series will be an M.C. romance.  I grew up around bikers and I'm also married to one, so it was going to happen. 
The fifth series is a fantasy romance based around banshees.  I have always been interested in mythology and the paranormal and banshees are definitely something I have always been interested in. 
The sixth series is a dark romance.  I have two dark romances and I really love writing them so I will probably not be stepping away from this genre. 
The seventh series is my Roses and Blood Series.  I've re-working my old books from Amazon on Wattpad and I didn't finish this series.  I want to re-work the first two books and release the rest on Wattpad.
I will announce them as I am getting ready to release them.  Thank you all for being supportive.  You are all truly wonderful.
-XXX Amanda

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